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At Sevilla Fashion Outlet, we strive to care for the environment and preserve our planet's precious resources. We work to achieve a balance between what we take in and what we give back to the earth. That's why, in addition to implementing innovative technologies, we encourage biodiversity in our facilities. In short, we seek to be part of the fashion industry that conserves the natural world and gives fashion a second chance, while supporting the concept of slow fashion.


More than 150 billion items of clothing are produced each year. In turn, clothing represents 9% of all waste produced and recycling fashion is not easy due to the wide variety of materials used. This is why we must think about the impact of our consumption when buying a new garment. Every customer can contribute to sustainability by supporting recycled products and preferring quality over quantity.


All their wetsuits use laminates made from 100% recycled materials, preventing millions of plastics and bottles from ending up in the ocean.

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One of our main goals is to build a more sustainable shopping center in collaboration with our parent company VIA OUTLET, as well as with our certification partners. The goal of our center is to become a European leader in terms of sustainability and environmental awareness, as well as to be a positive influence on our partners. And, as part of working towards this goal, we regularly undergo evaluations by renowned international institutions.


The future of transportation lies in alternative mobility to the car: electric vehicles powered by renewable resources, public transport, bicycles or car and motorcycle sharing. E-mobility is a fundamental change that we want to cultivate in the coming years.


Lack of water is a major problem in many European regions and estimates for the 21st century show increasing drought in most parts of the continent. Therefore, because we believe in caring for water as the precious commodity that it is, we use timer taps in all our centres. Very useful in helping to save water as they let the water flow for a few seconds and then turn off automatically.

Drinking water fountains inside and outside the shopping centre. There are also plans to install a tank for collecting rainwater for irrigation purposes.

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Recycling eliminates more than 700 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, which offsets all the CO2 produced by the aerospace industry. We are increasingly attentive to recycling waste from our shops, restaurants and cafés because the more waste we recycle, the less pressure we put on the environment by burning it or putting it in landfill.


We feel obliged to help those in need and those who have fewer opportunities. We believe in an egalitarian society in which the differences are smaller every day. For this reason, we support and direct charitable and humanitarian activities and projects that help to unite society and offer help to those who need it most.

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