About us

About Us

Sevilla Fashion Outlet is the Outlet centre with the best commercial showcase of Andalusia. With a total of 65 stores of leading brands in fashion, accessories and housewares. We also have a restaurant area and for your comfort a free shuttle as well as 1,200 parking spaces. Very close to Sevilla´s airport.


Opening hours: valid until 31st of May
From Monday to Friday from 10am to 9pm

Saturdays and special opening days from 10am to 10pm


  • January 7th
  • July 1st
  • August 15th
  • September 4nd
  • October 12th
  • November 1st
  • November 25th
  • December: 8th, 23rd and 30th


  • January 1st
  • January 6th
  • February 28th
  • March 19th
  • March 29th
  • March 30th
  • May 1st
  • September 15th
  • December 6th and 25th

How you can find us


FREE BUS from Sevilla:
1. Torneo Street, near Plaza de Armas Bus Station
09:05am · 12:05pm · 04:50pm · 06:35pm
2. Paseo Colón, near Market “”El Barranco””
09:07am · 12:07pm · 04:52pm · 06:37pm
3. Paseo Colón, near Citysightseeing bus stop.
09:10am · 12:10pm · 04:55pm · 06:40pm
4. Av. De Portugal, near Citroen Bar
09:15am · 12:15pm · 05:00pm · 06:45pm
5. Av. Ramón y Cajal, near University of Seville
09:20am · 12:20pm · 05:05pm · 06:50pm
6. Av. Luis de Morales, near Stradivarius Shop
09:25am · 12:25pm · 05:10pm · 06:55pm
7. Av. Kansas City, near Media Markt Shop
09:30am · 12:30pm · 05:15pm · 07:00pm
8. Av. Kansas City, roundabout of sports centre San Pablo
09:35am · 12:35pm · 05:20pm · 07:05pm
9. Auxiliar N IV, near Carrefour San Pablo
09:40am · 12:40pm · 05:25pm · 07:10pm

Departure times from Sevilla Fashion Outlet: 13:20pm · 04:00pm · 19:30pm · 21:15pm   ·     22:15pm*

*Only Saturdays and special opening days


From A-4 road:

Towards Madrid: change direction in exit 528 to join the A-4, towards Sevilla. Exit again in the Km 530 and enter Polígono Los Espartales, where you will see the Sevilla Fashion Outlet sign.

Towards Sevilla: take exit km 530 and enter Polígono Los Espartales, where you will see the Sevilla Fashion Outlet sign.

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